Question it

The Future of “Work”?

“I’m an artist”

seems slightly archaic.

The long and short of it is well,

Before you shout, dismiss, your temperature rise

This is not to say the artist is dying, far from it

work, seen by society, will be transformed, as you can imagine

over the next 10 years it will change so rapidly we will not notice the new landscape


most will work in.

We, as Stephen Fry elegantly once put it,

will be verbs,

not nouns,

working away on—things

30 years in one job, one company? Go straight to jail and don’t pass GO

we will be contradictory,


under one roof, under an umbrella,

we will not be under one name, location or context but a concept, maybe mainly, I would argue, a perspective.

leisure but a different kind, a work leisure lifestyle, a mix of the two whisked up through advancements in technology and general social make up.

“I’m an artist. Writer? OK marketer?”

“OK OK I’m creative?”

“This week I focused on…”

Will be our new tag line

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