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Millennial, Definition is a Perspective


Blow up, of marketing to millennials, stumbling under waterfalls sitting harpooned under filters looks and general decay. Washed up. Soaked up. The light aesthetic heavy consumer couture culture. No, I mean our north star.


Disruptive voice over voices singing dancing—only a small percentage praying.


Walking fixated dry-eyed from blue light nights with their smart (ish) phone gotta catch them all, no political figure in our age to be put hung up on our walls, we wolf whistle gossip through decade old policies—an education which taught us none of our basic needs.

Give up. Give up give up.


Our group plack—graveyard of demand and suppliers. No numbers please just visual material flicking over and over and over phew please not again yup over and over. Well being, wanderlust, hashtag, be out in #nature baby, through mechanical wait, mythical representation, no sorry, I mean reproduction, zombie formalism, oh is that just in NYC, no, Berlin Paris London, jetsetter lifestyle through 640 pixel wide photos, straighten out those teeth boy, did your mother not whiten them this morning? Kim K Kanye handing out our class textbooks ‘We want this in by Monday’? I have an album coming out after that. You have to create it for me. Cultural landscape—Oxbridge say laughing their heads off, didn’t you create it, chum? No, we just bail out when language fails, we don’t know what any of you mean? The wine is good tonight, cigars at 9? War boots still stomping from muddy fields of the brave red poppy fields of lost hearts, makers creators visionaries bums on that heavy Somme, weighed down by histories big foot marching into today, into our poor unsuspecting future.


Millennial, definition is a perspective.




Listen to John Bap “Gooder Than Before / Forced” it inspired me to write this for one reason or another.

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