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To kick off our new Instagram Interview series with ask the talented photographer Isabella Ståhl a few questions. 

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Where are you based and how is it shaping you?



I lived in many cities and most lately New York and Paris. It’s rare that I shoot personal work in a city so I think that has shaped me in a way that I get inspired to travel and photograph landscapes and rural environments.  



One sentence that describes something you saw or did today?


I’ve been daydreaming about beach getaways and getting a puppy.



Which book is on your bedside table?



Everything I Don’t Remember – Jonas Hassen Khemiri






What Instagram accounts do you keep returning to?



Some of my favourite accounts are @jannesavon, @lane_coder, @alba.laura.foto and @somewheremagazine.


One life lesson you have learnt?


Ever since I was a kid I had very high expectations of life. Which can be a good thing because it makes you work hard, but it also makes you constantly disappointed. I’ve been trying to adjust and keep my feet more on the ground. Find things that make me happy and try to stick to them.



Favourite piece of art? 



Tove Jansson’s paintings are one of my favourites.



What song have you got on repeat at the moment?



 I’m kinda tired of all my playlists at the moment so any advice for new inspiring music would be appreciated. 





One person that inspires you?



I have a hard time to come up with only one person that inspires me. I guess my surroundings inspire me. Be in the nature and hang out with good people. Movies, music and books are a big inspiration of course.



Do you have anything exciting you’re currently working on?



I’m shooting for a new project I will put together in the next upcoming months. I’m also looking for new options to get my work seen through art galleries.



Next place on your travel wish list?



I plan to visit a friend that just moved to Nairobi. That will be cool, I always wanted to shoot wild animals in their natural environment and I’ve never been to Africa.



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