Fabien Fourcaud

Our latest Interview is with the talented photographer Fabien Fourcaud. His work has a maturity to it and sensibility to what sits in front of the harsh cold lens of the camera. As figures rarely appear in the photographs, it appears to hint at something more, something that ‘pricks’ us, the viewers. It pushes our thoughts inwards, we wonder, search and dream forming our own photographs from our own memories and experiences. 


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Where are you based and how is it shaping you?



I’m living in Paris for 9 years now. Leaving the vivid French Riviera light for the Parisian flat greyish one has been a big revolution in my photography approach.



One sentence that describes something you saw or did today?



A 50 years old lady yelling in the streets of Montmartre that the kingdom of god is back, this is the end of our world.



Which book is on your bedside table?



Actually there’s two: J’ai un visage pour être aimé by Paul Eluard and Sculpting in Time by Andreï Tarkovsky.






What Instagram accounts do you keep returning to?



Event if it’s a young account, I love looking at my friend’s work Sebastien Tixier – @sebastientixier  a talented photographer.



One life lesson you have learnt?



There’s no beauty without meaning. Understanding that completely changed my aesthetics approach.



Favourite piece of art? 



Pierrot le fou? a Stephen Shore photo? Stalker? a disc from Bob Dylan? Such a heartbreaking choice…



What song have you got on repeat at the moment?



Marginal Invitation by Lubomyr Melnyk, it drives me crazy again and again. Best thing for work.




One person that inspires you?


 I’m an intuition person, Gilles Deleuze words help me to understand what I feel, what I’ve done and where to search.



Do you have anything exciting you’re currently working on?



I’m working on my brand new series “Sanctuaires”, finalizing the text. You can discover it every 3 days on my instagram.



Next place on your travel wish list?



I’ve never been in Asia yet and I have the opportunity to go in Singapore for work. Can’t wait to explore the city mutations!



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