Back to the office

As workers around the world start returning to the office, we explore the role it will now play in our lives

we quickly turned our homes into our offices… will we now bring our homes to our offices

will our uniforms now be ununiformed

have we finally learnt

by taking the typically unserious, seriously

will we take more pleasure in time spent face to face

and how having a balance can relieve the

having spent time out of tune are we now more in tune

or do we all just need better chairs

in offices that sit well in the space they operate

with room for a good lunch

in the right space

or maybe we’re happy with our new humble offices

spending more time on our own stuff

less time spent

on these

enjoying the smaller stuff

maybe whether we return or not doesn’t matter

focused more on

measured not by whether we go in or not

work 6 hours or 12

2 days or 5

1 meeting or 14

maybe just maybe it’s not about any of that?

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